East Brooklyn Bikes

Improving regional access for cyclists

List any streets you tend to ride on, separated with a comma
There are lots of regional destinations accessible from your neighborhood. Have you walked, biked, driven, or taken mass transit to any of the destinations listed below?
ExcellentGoodNeeds ImprovementPoorDon't know/N/A
Bike Connections
Pedestrian Connections
1 - not a concern2 - somewhat of a concern3 - a concern4 - a major concern
Mixing with cars on the road
The directness of the available routes/bike lanes
The likelihood of being stopped and/or ticketed by NYPD
1 = not a conern, 2 = somewhat of a concern, 3 = a concern, 4 = a major concern
What is the nearest intersection (cross-streets) to your home?

Please spell out the entire street names without abbreviations. e.g. Street instead of St and Avenue instead of Ave