Smart Truck Management Plan

The New York City Department of Transportation is developing a plan to improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers through the safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible movement of goods


Project Overview

In New York City, 90% of all goods are delivered by truck. Freight is a critical part of the everyday experience for New York’s residents and businesses, bringing the products we consume and produce on a daily basis. In addition to supplying the goods that keep daily life in the city moving, the freight industry is a major source of jobs for the region, keeping New York’s economy moving.

The City is taking steps to enhance street efficiency through the safe, reliable and environmentally responsible movements of goods.  To remain a livable city, it’s vital for New York to improve its freight systems. Demand for the City’s streets has grown dramatically and that impairs freight efficiency.  Freight trips are rising steadily as online shopping grows.  The number of deliveries to residences is up 30 percent in just five years.  Trucks frequently double park because curbside loading zones are filled.  Accommodating freight in New York today means finding creative means to tackle multiple challenges. This includes developing strategies that prioritize safety, improve air quality, and reduce inefficiency, congestion, and impacts on neighborhoods, all while still meeting industry needs. Improved efficiency is essential to enable better mobility by people and freight while improving livability and environmental quality.

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) is developing a comprehensive citywide Smart Truck Management plan to better manage freight in New York City.

The data being collected and the public and private sector outreach efforts that are underway will provide a better understanding of truck route usage, the needs of shippers and receivers and community concerns. With the input from the public and private sector stakeholders the Department will recommend a series of strategies and actions to improve operations and enhance the economic vitality and quality of life for all New Yorkers.

The plan support goals of OneNYC , the NYCDOT Strategic Plan 2016: Safe*Green*Smart*Equitable as well as NYC’s Roadmap to 80x50.

The strategies and actions developed through the Smart Truck Management Plan will be based on the following guiding principles: 

  • Safety: Improve safety for all road users
  • Congestion Reduction: Reduce truck related congestion
  • Partnerships: Expand partnerships with shoppers, receivers, haulers and communities
  • Environmental Sustainability: Improve the trucking industry environmental performance
  • Infrastructure and Assets: Identify, evaluate, and invest in essential freight corridors
  • Freight Efficiency: support NYC’s economy through more efficient goods movement and deliveries
  • Compliance Monitoring: Create a culture of compliance with truck related regulations

DOT will host public workshops beginning in May extending through the fall to interact with the public to discuss the future of freight transportation, identify current and future needs, community concerns, and develop a vision for freight movement in the five boroughs. The workshops are part of DOT’s Smart Truck Management plan effort, to deliver a safer, cleaner and more efficient freight system that meets the demanding needs of its residents and businesses.

The full schedule of workshops is available on NYC DOT’s website:

To learn more, the Freight Team can be contacted at (212) 839-6670 or